Thursday, February 15, 2007

Worth Every Penny

The River Cafe was amazing. The service was excellent, the food amazing and the atmosphere couldn't be more romantic. I was really expecting to see some couples get engaged.

I know we only live a few blocks from the restaurant but I didn't want to walk in my heels all dressed up so my husband was going to pick me up. Then our stupid car got stuck outside on Washington Street!!! A nice couple helped push it off to the side and we left it and walked there.

It was freezing but memorable. We took some pictures along the way and they definitely captured the moment.

In the restaurant itself, there were lovely flowers in the entrance. So many that it looked like a flower shop. That's a picture of it above. All the ladies got a goodie bag upon exiting, which included a potted plant, a pansy. It was a sweet touch because in the restaurant all the tables were adorned with pansies so it was a memorable gift to take home.

Onto the food... I had the BeeGee Shrimp (roasted shrimp stuffed with crab meat) and the Lobster Tail (poached and the claw meat was used to make a lobster cake, like a crab cake). It was prix fix so you have to get the good stuff :-)

Then, incredibly full I managed to eat most of my chocolate Brooklyn bridge cake. It was really pretty and I felt bad eating it, well, sort of... they had sugared rose petals on the plate with a strawberry sorbet and some sort of custard. Delicious.

It was also really nice because we were there for a good two hours. We didn't feel rushed and it was an experience I'll never forget.


linz said...

YUM - I'm totally jealous, in a friendly non-competitive way of course. The dessert reminds me of those chocolate pagodas they used to serve at Baang.

How did the flowers turn out this year?

brooklyn enthusiast said...

Yes, I finally got lovely roses at work. 6th time's the charm!

linz said...

Good, I was about to tell you that your poor husband was cursed!