Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tacos Camarones!!!

I love Mexican food. I never realized how spoiled I was when we lived on 34th street and First right next to El Parador. And I am pretty sure I've blogged on this topic before, but Alma is really delicious. Not as good as El Parador, just from a variety/quality standpoint, but the Camarones Asados (aka shrimp tacos) are freaking amazing. They are spicy but not too spicy to where all you feel is horrible tongue burn.

The food countdown to Weight Watchers continues, culminating with delivery from Fortune House on Jan 1st.

P.S. - You can blame Yahoo Image search for this cartoon shrimp character. When I did a search for shrimp tacos this is what I got. There were a lot of relevant images (aside from one of an Audi TT) but this was funny so I had to include it.

Fitness Guru

So next Wednesday at 7 pm I am going to try out a class called Smack Down at the Fitness Guru, which is located by Gleason's in DUMBO. It's right by my house so I figure it's not too hard to get to even if it's super cold. I have a feeling it's going to be horrible, but I'll let everyone know the outcome on Thursday. Hopefully I can walk the next day!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Holiday Post

I love the holidays but am happy to say they are over. We just took down our tree and decorations and put away our presents. The thought of shopping even makes me feel a little sick. I feel like I have been eating non stop since November, which is the truth. I am looking forward to my annual New Year's resolution to lose weight. This is the brief time of year I get motivated to go to the gym, eat better and lose a few pounds. My coworker and I are hoping to motivate each other and I think it might be a good formula. We'll see. Weight watchers is a great program. We are planning to join on January 2. I had joined a few months back but got off track after a trip to Austin TX, where food is abundant. It does work though and it's simple to follow. You should definitely look into the program if you're trying to lose some weight in 2007. And no, I won't be posting before and after pictures but I'll let you know how I net out.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My New Obsession a Few Months Too Late...

I still consider myself new to Brooklyn. It has only been 8 months since I moved to the DUMBO area. So I love it when friends come into visit and I get to play tour guide because I am still discovering cool places and new hoods.

This past weekend as ya'll know my friend from Austin came into town. On Sunday we drove up to Prospect Park after hanging out on the pier at Fairway in Red Hook. No, I am not a terrible hostess taking my friends to the grocery store. She really, really wanted to go and plus it's a terrific view of the Statue of Liberty. In any case, we drove up to the park and now I am obsessed! I can't believe it took me so long to get there and see it for myself. Some observations/suprises ...

1) It's huge! Well not huge like Central Park, but it's really really big. Did you know it's 585 acres? Don't get lost, here's a map.
2) It's beautiful. The entrances into the Park are grand and reminds me of the area around Columbus Circle in Manhattan, which makes perfect sense considering Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed both parks.
3) It has a resevoir like Central Park, but it's actually a lake because it's all natural and not manmade like several elements of Central Park. You can go boating on an electric or pedal boat.
4) There is a Zoo! I've been to the Central Park Zoo and found it to be a nice escape with some interesting animals, despite the crowds and funny smells. I'll definitely be touring the BK version.
5) Like its Manhattan cousin, there are bike paths and running trails, and kids and playgrounds. There are lots of stretches of lawn for sunbathing, frisbee throwing and lounging.
6) It was the site of the Battle of Brooklyn back in August 1776. According to the park's Web site:
"The Continental Army under George Washington fortified passes along a section of Flatbush Avenue that now serves as the Park's Drive. As British and Hessian soldiers approached from the south, the Americans fought in vain to hold them back at Battle Pass. Although the Continental Army lost the battle, they held the British back long enough for Washington's forces to make a moonlit escape from Brooklyn Heights to New Jersey. Today, plaques just north of the zoo commemorate this event, as does the Maryland Monument at the foot of Lookout Hill."

7) Ice Skating is also available. Not that I am good at it or would especially want to go and fall on my ass, but it's nice to know the option is there and doesn't require waiting on the ginormous line in Rockafeller center.
8) HORSEBACK RIDING! This is in all caps because I HEART Horses and have since I was a little girl. I used to horseback ride competitively and may have to do this when it gets warmer.
9) They also have tennis bubbles, quite a few, so you can play tennis in bad weather too. Another activity I do not excel in but I may take a lesson now that it's close by.

Run Forest, run!

Oh my, this little guy is smart! Run Forest, run!
"A baby calf on the way to the slaughterhouse escaped into the streets of Brooklyn on Tuesday night, touching off a wild cow chase that had police cars and ambulances criss-crossing every which way. The 4-6 month old male Hereford calf made a run for it out of a truck, just as its new owner was about to lay claim to it and take the animal to a slaughterhouse in Yonkers."


No seriously... RATS! Rats freak me out. Not as much as roaches but I will definitely cross the street if I see one to avoid having it cross my path. I used to live in Boston where they were supersized and quite "friendly" (read: will run right at you!).

But rats are dirty and they bite. Actually, I read that roaches bite too which is just disgusting. This story about a boy being bitten by a rat during a "time out" at school is just horrifying.

"Richard Medina was shocked when he received a call that his son Patrick was bit by what he described as a rat that he was playing with during school. Patrick loves playing with his family's pet hamster, 'Marissa,' at home, but the rodent he played with inside his special education classroom at PS 231 was no teacher's pet."

I watched the school hamster and its new babies over a long weekend when I was little. The mommy hamster began to eat her babies. It was disgusting and I will never forget it. So now, I hate hamsters too. And their cousins the guinea pigs. Rodents are rodents in my book. Euh I have the creepy crawlies now!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everybody Loves a Brooklyn Girl

Just came across this in New York Magazine: "Get the borough man in your life a Brooklyn Girls calendar. [Trendy Nation via Sunset Parker]"

I guess it was only a matter of time...

Developments regarding Atlantic Yards

From the Daily News today ...

"Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Gov. George Pataki apparently have an agreement that will lead to approval of a giant redevelopment project that could reshape Brooklyn ... Atlantic Yards would include a basketball arena, office towers and thousands of apartments."

In case you aren't familiar with the area, the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards encompass the area near the current mecca of traffic hell by Target on Atlantic Ave downtown. If it's weren't for Target, I probably would never ever go down to that area.

In fact, the former Williamsburg Savings Bank is being converted into super high end condos

That is the very tall phallic looking building in Brooklyn that you can see from pretty much anywhere. You know, the one right by Target. It will be called One Hanson Place and you can view the finishes and floor plans here.

It seems like it's going to be amazing once it's completed but I really couldn't imagining living down in that area just cause it's sheer craziness in my opinion. From the availability section it looks like the units are selling well. Maybe I'll try to go see one of the models and report back.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brooklyn Breweries Branches Out

Reuters covered the expansion of Brooklyn Brewery into six new U.S. states. Brews will now be available for sale in the Midwest -- bringing the total to 18 states in all.

"... a former iron foundry and matzoh bakery in an industrial section of Brooklyn, is perfecting a new Belgian-style ale: Brooklyn Local 1, which goes on sale in March."

Monday, December 18, 2006

A lovely weekend in Brooklyn

My friend was visiting from Austin in the hopes of seeing some NY Winter Wonderland. Alas, we had 50 degree temps and no snow. But the tree at the Rock was beautiful (although a bit sparce) and the ice skaters got us in the spirit.

On Sunday I gave her a tour of Brooklyn and we took some photos that I thought I'd share. Some were taken down by the Fairway in Red Hook. Then we also did a walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park and took some nice shots of the bridge.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hmmm, just what I didn't need

Since I moved to Dumbo in May, I have been excited at the thought of a woman's clothing store opening up right in my neighborhood. But I must say I am slightly disappointed ... not suprised, but definitely disappointed (felt that was worth a repeat!).

Zoe is well merchandised and has amazing clothing, but it's just not the type of clothing the average woman would wear or be able to afford. Yes, I get it I live in a swanky neighborhood but that doesn't mean I am gonna drop a G on a Zac Posen dress. Or pick up a Miu Miu bag on my way home from the F train for 1,300. Plus, did I mention that I am not a size ZERO! Urgh, I also see they've put a sale sign in the window, but that doesn't help my cause.

Case in point, the following suggested "Look 1" on their Web site that will run nearly $2,000 if you bought the whole look, before taxes.

I'm not suggesting Target or Dress Barn open up down the block - that's not my style either - but it would be nice to have a woman's retail store that sold merchandise that won't break the bank. Right now it's between Blueberri (my fav out of the bunch), Loopy Mango (again, very very high end, which = $$$) and Zoe. We need something in between!!!

Mom always said to look both ways...

Came across some news that there was a pedestrian death this week at the interection of Montague and Henry Streets in Brooklyn Heights. While it's terrible news it's unfortunately not suprising at all. I have a car in Brooklyn and am nervous driving in that area because it is exploding with children and pets. People (myself included) don't look both ways before crossing the street. Brooklyn Heights is such a close knit neighborhood and you don't have the cab and bus traffic like you do in New York. I think people just get comfortable and think "oh that car will stop." When I am driving I am suprised at how many people just step off the curb without looking or when it's clear I am coming. Of course, when I am on the other side of the steering wheel, I feel like I have the right of way too. So I guess best rule of thumb is to remember what mom said and "look both ways" before crossing any street.

New Condo Crop Near Harvest

Interesting article in Gothamist about the new class of luxury condo buildings that are almost complete in Dumbo. I'm interested to see how the neighborhood will absorb what will be a dramatic increase in population. JCondo is probably the nicest of the bunch. The yellow condo in the sky is interesting but I wonder how the building below it will net out.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's all the fuss about?

The other weekend we ordered Grimaldi's so that my dad could have a taste while he was in town. Not only was the guy answering the phones incredibly rude, but he hung up on us several times and told us there was no more pizza for the rest of the night. Then, after several calls we finally just launched into our order and magically it was set to be ready in 15 minutes. To top it off, I got really sick from the pizza.

It's good, but not THAT good. I've had better pizza in CT. Don't bother...

Album Release in Williamsburg

It's been a really really long time since I last posted anything. Sorry, work has been so busy and with the holiday season I just haven't had time. So I am going to try and make an effort to be more regular with postings. I do enjoy blogging...

If anyone is in Williamsburg this weekend, check out this release party.