Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tacos Camarones!!!

I love Mexican food. I never realized how spoiled I was when we lived on 34th street and First right next to El Parador. And I am pretty sure I've blogged on this topic before, but Alma is really delicious. Not as good as El Parador, just from a variety/quality standpoint, but the Camarones Asados (aka shrimp tacos) are freaking amazing. They are spicy but not too spicy to where all you feel is horrible tongue burn.

The food countdown to Weight Watchers continues, culminating with delivery from Fortune House on Jan 1st.

P.S. - You can blame Yahoo Image search for this cartoon shrimp character. When I did a search for shrimp tacos this is what I got. There were a lot of relevant images (aside from one of an Audi TT) but this was funny so I had to include it.

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