Friday, January 05, 2007

Better Sushi than Gari?

I am always open to new sushi restaurants but find I am usually disappointed. I was looking at CitySearch's best sushi of 2006 review and think I may have to try Kiki and Gen in Brooklyn. As you all know, I adore sushi and just can't believe that any place could be better than Sushi of Gari East on 78th and First Ave or a little-known place called East in Milford, CT.

I also went to a place called Pokie on the upper east side that has expanded and is super busy. It's BYOB, which makes it very popular, but it's not Gari quality. It's definitely better than average and delicious though. Try the truffle roll.

As for the others, let me know if you've tried either place ...

Kiki Sushi
453 7TH Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215-5539View Map
(718) 369-1155

659 Washington Ave (Cross Street: St Mark's Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11238View Map
(718) 398-3550


David said...

Gari is barely top 5 of NYC in any sane man's sushi ranking. Please check out 15 east, Sushi Yasuda, Kuruma Zushi, Sushi Seki (same as gari), and Ushi Wakamaru. They are all way more traditional, but tehy are quite good.

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

Well, everyone's entitled to their opinion, right? I've been to 15 East and it was a bit too traditional for me. I did enjoy it though. I haven't been to the other places you mention so perhaps I'll be enlightened! I'll have to wait until this summer because I am pregnant but I look forward to trying some new sushi.