Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Iron Chef House Review

Edited -- Sorry had flip-flopped the name ;-)

I was pleasantly suprised by my Iron Chef House sushi dinner last night!!! (Not that I don't trust my sushi tipsters but I am a skeptic when it comes to sushi and know what I like.)

I didn't have high expectations as it was, since I was ordering it for a delivery. Usually, as soon as you put sushi in a little delivery container, the asthetic of it goes away and it loses some of it's appeal. But I was hungry and I think the food arrived in less than 10 minutes, which is just incredible.

I ordered a mini-feast so I could taste some of the essentials and get a feel for the quality and variety. I got a salad (loved the Japanese ginger salad dressing), steamed shrimp shumai, a fancy spicy tuna roll, a spicy shrimp and crab roll, and a spring roll (not the fried kind; rather a regular sushi roll but without rice and wrapped in rice paper instead of seaweed).

Everything was really delicious. Better than Miso, in my opinion. There was ample wasabi, the soy sauce came in individual containers rather than 8 thousand packates, and most importantly, the fish quality was really really good.

I would like to go to the actual restaurant and try some sashimi and sushi pieces as well, to get a better feel for the place. For some reason I can't deal with delivery sashimi... it's just a bit weird to me.

In any case, I will definitely be ordering again and suggest you try it if you haven't already.


dumbonyc said...

The sushi place is called Iron Chef House right? I've found that place to have the freshest fish in the area too. Aside from Blue Ribbon Sushi in Park Slope and Iron Chef House in Bklyn Heights, I've been disappointed with the sushi places in Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and BH.

brooklyn enthusiast said...

Yes, a typo on my part!!! I am changing it now. I do love Blue Ribbon as well... I think the SOHO location is better though.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would like it! (I'm that tipster). You'll like it in person just as much--the staff is very friendly and it's a cozy space. Yay for good sushi!

Asli said...

its a great little place..what do you think of osaka on court?

Anonymous said...

I've ordered delivery and have eaten at this place several times and without fail seem to find the sashimi bland, improperly cut, and the sushi rice overcooked & soggy. I find it strange that so many people find this place the "best kept secret" in brookyn -- are the other sushi places THAT BAD to warrant such consistently stellar reviews? Most people also seem to note how cheap the sushi is -- which is a good thing but also correlates to the quality of the fish (which I find not as fresh as most people proclaim it to be). If you like mediocre, bland sushi in large portions, then this place is definitely the place for you. I'm afraid this place gets two thumbs down in my book.