Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting Out ... Just in Time

I found a link to this story in the NYO from Gawker. I too recently sold a condo in Manhattan to move to Brooklyn. We got out after two years, in large part due to the slow, but soon to be accelerated demolition of the Con Ed building between Tudor City and Murray Hill. I totally sympathize with the guy profiled in the story.

When we first moved into our former building, which recently turned condo at the time, we were thrilled at the idea of a fully renovated apartment. But as buyers new to the real estate market, we didn't think about what life would be like in the building as they gutted the lobby, gave the exterior a face lift, and gutted the apartments above us and on either side. At the time I was working from home and seriously wanted to kill myself. At the stroke of 8 am every morning the construction noise began. They were also rebuilding our terrace, which took a year longer than promised, and every morning there would be people outside my bedroom window smoking cigs on my terrace. It was a living nightmare.

Once the internal construction subsided, we noticed the buildings around us were evolving. The smoke stacks at Con Ed were slowly coming down. Our lovely view of the East River was sure to disappear in the coming years. We didn't want to live through it or listen to it. Now if you drive by where the Con Ed stacks were, you can peer in (from the FDR) and see what a disaster and eye sore it is. They are also building a new condo building on 34th and Third. And just to one side of my old building they are building another building.

While on the bright side, this new construction promises significance business boosts and neighborhood improvements to the Murray Hill neighborhood. But if you don't have an escape, take a cue from me and this guy and get out while you can...

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