Tuesday, January 23, 2007

False Alarm

I had gotten an e-mail yesterday that a movie was being filmed at the Brooklyn Bridge and not to be alarmed by the military vehicles and choppers. There are going to be 1,000 people for an evacuation scene, but it's on the Manhattan side of the bridge so I won't be able to see much, except for the lights, which were super bright for a few hours last night. The story is all over the news so that people know what's up.

From the New York Post:
"Don't be alarmed by the fleet of Black Hawk helicopters and military ships converging on the Brooklyn Bridge tonight - it's only the new Will Smith movie, police said yesterday. For the next eight days, these mock military vehicles and more than a thousand extras will shoot an evacuation scene for the next Big Willie blockbuster, 'I am Legend.' The post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick is due out this December."

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