Sunday, November 26, 2006

Henry's End

It's been a really long time since I posted anything so I am coming back with a restaurant review. Last night, my husband and I went to Henry's End, a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights on Henry Street. It's right next to another one of our favorite places, Noodle Pudding, which is Italian and always packed. We went to Henry's End because I had read a few rave reviews and stepped in once before but the wait was too long. The thing to know is that they only take reservations for 3 or more.
It's one of those restaurants everyone wants in their neighborhood -- it's small, friendly, warm in the winter, has a great menu and is reliable. The food was great and they are known for their game. I'm not so into that but my husband had the Elk chops and they were really good. I had steak diane, which was delicious. All the dinner entrees come with a side salad and vegetables with rice. That's a nice touch considering NYC doesn't like to include things with meals. Our waitress, Bonnie, was awesome. She is one of those people you remember when you leave the place and one of the things that makes you want to come back. We also had crab cakes, which were really nice. They were fresh and not loaded with breadcrumbs. To finish things off we had Mrs Mudpie, which was equally delicious but of course from a dessert perspective.
They also take credit cards, which is nice considering a lot of my favorite places in Brooklyn only take cash.