Thursday, December 21, 2006


No seriously... RATS! Rats freak me out. Not as much as roaches but I will definitely cross the street if I see one to avoid having it cross my path. I used to live in Boston where they were supersized and quite "friendly" (read: will run right at you!).

But rats are dirty and they bite. Actually, I read that roaches bite too which is just disgusting. This story about a boy being bitten by a rat during a "time out" at school is just horrifying.

"Richard Medina was shocked when he received a call that his son Patrick was bit by what he described as a rat that he was playing with during school. Patrick loves playing with his family's pet hamster, 'Marissa,' at home, but the rodent he played with inside his special education classroom at PS 231 was no teacher's pet."

I watched the school hamster and its new babies over a long weekend when I was little. The mommy hamster began to eat her babies. It was disgusting and I will never forget it. So now, I hate hamsters too. And their cousins the guinea pigs. Rodents are rodents in my book. Euh I have the creepy crawlies now!!!

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MoJackson said...

Haha may I ask what prompted this post? I really wish you had never told me that roaches bite, btw.