Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Holiday Post

I love the holidays but am happy to say they are over. We just took down our tree and decorations and put away our presents. The thought of shopping even makes me feel a little sick. I feel like I have been eating non stop since November, which is the truth. I am looking forward to my annual New Year's resolution to lose weight. This is the brief time of year I get motivated to go to the gym, eat better and lose a few pounds. My coworker and I are hoping to motivate each other and I think it might be a good formula. We'll see. Weight watchers is a great program. We are planning to join on January 2. I had joined a few months back but got off track after a trip to Austin TX, where food is abundant. It does work though and it's simple to follow. You should definitely look into the program if you're trying to lose some weight in 2007. And no, I won't be posting before and after pictures but I'll let you know how I net out.

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