Friday, December 15, 2006

Hmmm, just what I didn't need

Since I moved to Dumbo in May, I have been excited at the thought of a woman's clothing store opening up right in my neighborhood. But I must say I am slightly disappointed ... not suprised, but definitely disappointed (felt that was worth a repeat!).

Zoe is well merchandised and has amazing clothing, but it's just not the type of clothing the average woman would wear or be able to afford. Yes, I get it I live in a swanky neighborhood but that doesn't mean I am gonna drop a G on a Zac Posen dress. Or pick up a Miu Miu bag on my way home from the F train for 1,300. Plus, did I mention that I am not a size ZERO! Urgh, I also see they've put a sale sign in the window, but that doesn't help my cause.

Case in point, the following suggested "Look 1" on their Web site that will run nearly $2,000 if you bought the whole look, before taxes.

I'm not suggesting Target or Dress Barn open up down the block - that's not my style either - but it would be nice to have a woman's retail store that sold merchandise that won't break the bank. Right now it's between Blueberri (my fav out of the bunch), Loopy Mango (again, very very high end, which = $$$) and Zoe. We need something in between!!!

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