Monday, February 26, 2007

Fairway too, becoming a mob scene

I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday if I go to the store. Most of the time I try to use FreshDirect instead. But in recent weeks Fairway has just become a mob scene.

Yesterday, the word of the day was patience. I don't have a lot myself but it was horrendous.

First off, there isn't enough parking. People who do drive there can't drive, excluding myself of course. I waited forever for this woman to load up her car and pull out and finally when she did, she started making scary faces at me through her window as she wanted me to back up more for her to get back. The reality is that someone could have parked a yacht in between me and the back of her car. NY State needs to get her license revoked.

The place is designed to force traffic to move in one direction, moving from produce, to cheese/deli, to seafood, to organics to dairy and bakery, and then at last to frozen foods before check out. But what if you are like one woman I saw on Sunday who is at frozen and realizes she forgot something in produce. You're basically screwed and you might as well go somewhere else on your way home to avoid pissing off everyone else. Not to mention the fact the isles are too narrow so you have to go almost single file. God forbid you have to pass someone... it's really tight.

Then on the way to and from the grocery store, you're lucky if you don't lose a tire or a bumper. The roads are so horrible with major potholes everywhere. It's just a disaster. Then there is a detour on the way back.

Luckily, I like the quality of the product, which is what keeps me coming back.


oscar said...

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I hate going there when it's packed. You can only go one way. If you miss something, there is no turning back.

Red Hook Resident said...

"First off, there isn't enough parking."

Please try the B61 or the B77. We could spare some of the exhaust, noise, and traffic here. And if you must drive, please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians. A woman was killed a few months ago by a Fairway shopper as she was trying to cross Van Brunt.

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

Thank you for the suggestion. I usually try to walk to somewhere closer if I am only getting a few items. That's very sad news about that woman. I am always very careful.

red hook resident said...

Thanks. I usually go to Fairway in the evening during the week (around 8 or 9 p.m.). During that time, I've never had to wait behind more than one person in line to check out and I often don't have to wait at all. I avoid it like the plague on the weekends! Cheers.