Friday, February 09, 2007

TGIF! DUMBO as a destination

So my friend from Manhattan, who doesn't venture to Brooklyn on many occasions, is coming to my house this weekend for a little soiree we're having. She was telling me how her friend was having his birthday party at a bar near my house, which was strange given all the bars in Brooklyn. In any case, her friend who lives in Cobble Hill is having his birthday at Rebar, the new bar in Retreat. That link goes to a review on DumboNYC's blog.

It's just interesting to think of it as a destination bar and I wonder if it will increasingly become so? I mean it's a great space in a prime location -- right next to the F and a little bit more of a hop, skip and a jump from the A, C trains. The beers and wine list are reasonably priced too. Mmmm, Tapas is available too.

I haven't actually been to Rebar yet but I have been to Retreat many times for coffee and shopping. I love that place. The people who work there are super nice and I especially like this one picture on the wall near the Coffee Box where one guy is "crushing" the other guy's head, which is from an SNL skit I believe. Anyhoo... I may go this weekend and check it out. It is open until 4, which is way past my bedtime and still something I can't quite grasp after living in Boston for several years.

Has anyone been?


linz said...

"my friend from Manhattan..."

Ha ha, I like how you make it sound like I'm from a different country.

PetroleumJelliffe said...

You should swing by with her.

-Cobble Hill Birthday Boy

linz said...

Should it be "tapas are available"? Discuss.

dumbonyc said...

What I like about Rebar is that you can grab a pint of microbrews not available everywhere else (gotta love that Sixpoints beer (a Red Hook brew) and chill in a quiet spot with a friend or get drunk with a group of friends and have fun til 4am. The munchies are good too, not your standard bar food.

brooklyn enthusiast said...

I just might swing by with some other cool peeps ;-)

Hmmm, I guess Tapas is like deer so it should be are.