Friday, February 23, 2007

F Train Makes Me Want to Say "F$%&@"!!!

I could not agree more with this Gothamist post about the recent delays and overcrowding on the F Train. I usually catch one shortly after 8 am and while the frequency isn't so much a problem, it's getting so crowded. Earlier in the year I always got a seat. It's not like I am lazy, I sit all day long it's more that I have totally noticed this as well.

Then on the way home ... please don't get me started on this topic. Going home on the F is a nightmare after work. It's usually super backed up. You end up waiting forever and then when the train finally comes along it's fully packed. You squeeze on, looking over your shoulder to plot your escape route for when your stop finally does come along and then ... the worst news ever: "THIS TRAIN IS RUNNING EXPRESS....." right past my stop. Sucks for me! That means I have to get off the train at the next stop, wait for another 20 minutes for the F Train that is supposedly right behind the one I just got off, delaying my commute by another 30 minutes.

The best part is that the V trains are just hanging out, all empty across the track. They fly by with no passengers. I totally agree with the proposal to extend the V into BK. It would be great.
I am just so worried that when the extra 500 people move into DUMBO at the end of 2007 that this will just get more out of control.

Plus, on the weekends my friends get totally stranded on the way. The F is usually not running or running on a different track entirely. Most of my friends live on the East Side in Manhattan so treking over to the ACE is out of the question. I wonder why no one comes to visit us!!

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