Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Restaurant Search Engine

What a great topic: food + technology!

In my other life I work in technology. I came across a new search engine that was launched at DEMO, a long-running conference that happens twice a year where many companies launch a technology for the first time with the hopes of making a splash and getting some VC cash.

One company that was highlighted in coverage of the most recent DEMO Conference was Boorah. It's referred to as "Zagat's on steriods."

A search for restaurants in zip code 11201 returns no results, but if you type in "Brooklyn" you'll get a drop down menu for Brooklyn or "Brooklyn Heights,Brooklyn,NY." I picked the latter and up came a bunch of choices for restaurants. There is a social aspect in that you can review the restaurants. They each have a buzz factor (Noodle Pudding is at the top) and then you can click around to see the reviews, get directions, see a map, etc.

Not so sure whether I would say this is better than CitySearch, which I love. Especially since it's still in beta form and only focuses on venues in SF, NY and LA. What do you think?

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