Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I remember actually liking Foxy B at one point

Just came across something about Foxy Brown on MTV News about a press conference she held at her local Brooklyn church on Monday, protesting her innocence over her arrest last week on battery charges.

Seriously, that is some PR work right there but come on, it's all too transparent. Sadly, I used to really like Foxy Brown, well one of her albums at least. I even saw her in concert and was very disappointed when I realized she couldn't sing for her life. Oh the power of electronic distortion and beats.

And then in a related search I came across this blog post that talks about the demise of Brooklyn's hold over the hip hop community.
There was Foxy, Lil Kim, Mos Def, Fabolous, Talib Kweli, Memphis Bleek, and a few others putting in work for the rap game. But now? Most are sitting on the sidelines and, try as they might, are failing to catch a rebound.
It's kind of interesting to think about. And isn't Mos Def living in DUMBO or something? Anyone know where?

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