Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Red Hook" Barbie Doll Web Spoof

My close friend alerted me to a spoof on the Web that features Barbie Dolls designed for different neighborhoods, some of which are Brooklyn neighborhoods, and another embarrassingly accurate portrayal of Greenwich CT barbie, where I went to high school.

While the "Red Hook" and "Park Slope" Barbies are probably the most amusing, I don't know if I agree they are accurate portrayals.

For example, I didn't realize that Park Slope was perceived as a largely gay area? Not that there is anything wrong with this but it's not like the obvious thought when thinking about an area like Chelsea.

The Red Hook Barbie is really funny, but living so close to the area and seeing how far it's come, makes me sad that this is how the doll turned out. Maybe I am naive. I remember the reaction I got from my parents when I told them about how I go grocery shopping in Red Hook and how there are some really great restaurants. When they lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Red Hook was just not a safe area. I don't know if I'd want to live in Red Hook, mainly because it's still largely in transition mode, it's inaccessible (I have a hard enough time getting ppl to come visit me in DUMBO) and the roads are terrible. I do have a soft spot in my heart for Alma and Baked, which I adore. The views from Fairway are beautiful too.


Anonymous said...

I've only lived in NY for a short while and even I can tell how inaccurate this is. LES Barbie would be an indie rock hipster with Emo Ken boyfriend.

Nice to read your blog, btw, I am a new DUMBO resident myself, over on Washington Street.

brooklyn enthusiast said...

Welcome!!! I agree... LES barbie should definitely be updated.

And where's DUMBO Barbie? Actually, she's in the Zoe window wearing Jimmy Choo patent leather steel heel stiletto pumps with an alexander mcqueen skull scarf ;-)