Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MTV Just Makes Me Feel All Warm Inside

Seriously, I am like obsessed with MTV. Not the videos... I like the cheesy programming. I can watch the same episode over and over again. My latest obsession is Dance Life and I still kinda like the new season of the Hills. The show that is an off-shoot of the Laguna Beach show, with the former main character Lauren working in the big-girl world.

So, what does this have to do with Brooklyn you ask? Well, much to my delight, I just read that MTV will be filming a pilot about Brooklyn. Unfortunately, I totally don't qualify... not that I would really want to be on MTV. It's open to Brooklyn Tech Sophomores and Juniors.

Here's the D.L. from BTHSnews.com:
MTV's newest soon-to-be hit show is Brooklyn. The premise is to paint an accurate picture for America of what life is like for the average Brooklyn high school student. Brooklyn, New York is made up of the Caribbean Americans of Flatbush, the Hasidic Jews of Crown Heights, the hipsters of Williamsburg and the peacenik families of Park Slope. The infamous Fort Greene projects, artsy DUMBO...[I guess that makes me artsy DUMBO. I don't think that's what the real artists in DUMBO would call me]... upscale Brooklyn Heights and the soon-to-be arriving NBA Brooklyn Nets. With 2.6 million people packed in Brownstones, tenements and multi-unit apartment complexes, Brooklyn is a jumble of cultures, creeds and economic strata. A cross between Harlem in its heyday and Paris, Brooklyn is the ultimate city within a city. In fact, if it weren't already incorporated into New York City, Brooklyn would be the third biggest city in the country. It's said that one out of every six Americans has had a parent or grandparent who lived in Brooklyn at some point. With that said, there is only one school in all of Brooklyn that represents all of those people, and that is Brooklyn Tech High School.

The last sentence sums it all up. It's acutally not suprising that MTV would focus on Brooklyn for a new show. Brooklyn has been in the media spotlight for sometime now. They probably have a Real World back to NY "again" slated for production in the near future. I'll totally watch this Brooklyn show when/if it comes out.

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