Monday, February 12, 2007

Article from NYT

Brooklyn Record points to a story from the NYTimes about experiences in finding roommates in the city. The article specifically examines how CraigsList has changed this process, focusing on Williamsburg as a key location where "coolness" is a factor in selection.

I remember college dwelling. Then, with my husband I remember when we first moved in together. It was in his studio when we were dating and I would go home on occasion to get clothing from my apt, which had essentially become an expensive closet. I just got sick of traveling back and forth (it was a whole 3 blocks). Luckily, we get along really well and he's not female. I find that living with other woman is challenging. Too much estrogen.

Sharing space is hard -- especially when it's an incredibly small space. It's just unnatural to share living space with other people - whether it's your friend or a stranger. Living space is so personal and sometimes you just want some alone time. Unfortunately, living solo in the city is muchos expensive and unrealistic for most everyone without a trust fund.

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