Monday, October 01, 2007

Zakka Comes to DUMBO

During the Art Festival last Saturday, I discovered a very cool store in DUMBO called Zakka. It was open on Saturday (down on Water St) but the man working said that it wasn't set to open until later this month.

According to its Web site, ZAKKA is "a shop and artists' space, where you can find graphic art-related books, as well as other select items boasting unique design, including clothing, music and stationery." Zakka highlights some of the latest Japanese subcultures and art scenes through its acclaimed selection of unusual merchandise. There were loads of interesting books, unique t-shirts and collectible items like tin Darth Vader figures. I will definitely be back when it opens to take a closer look.

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DumboNYC said...

Looks like we both reviewed the new store. :) I hope they do well. It's not in an area with a lot of foot-traffic, but hope their following when they were in SoHo come over to Dumbo.