Monday, October 22, 2007

Meet the Ladies Behind DUMBO's Nylon Cooks

When I heard about Nylon Cooks a new venture started by local DUMBO chefs Lindsay Broder and Kristen Clay, I was definitely interested in learning more. I can certainly relate as someone who loves to cook but is short on time. The following Q&A offers insight into the thinking behind Nylon Cooks and why you should give it a try.

Q: Why did you decide to start Nylon Cooks?
A: We started Nylon Cooks because we wanted to improve the in-home dining experience for busy New York City dwellers. We give our customers an alternative to typical take-out by offering them pre-prepared meals with carefully selected ingredients.

Q: Is there anything behind the name of your company?
A: We get that question a lot! Kristen is from England and Lindsay is from New York. Ny=New York, Lon=London. Nylon Cooks reflects who we are and what we do!

Q: How does it work?
A: We offer a selective menu of pre-prepared entrees, side dishes and soups. We also offer a children’s menu of healthy alternatives to your kids’ favorite meals. We schedule deliveries twice a week. Meals arrive in oven-proof packaging with heating instructions. It’s as simple as turning on the oven, eating a delicious dinner and throwing away the container. No pots or pans required!

Q: Aside from the fact you live in DUMBO, why target DUMBO?
A: As we were planning Nylon Cooks we kept hearing from our neighbors that they struggle with putting dinner on the table each night. They don't have the time to cook a full meal and they find the options for take-out to be limiting. That's where we come in!

Q: What's your most popular dish?
A: Our signature Lasagna has been very popular, but we've been getting great feedback on all our dishes!

Q: Do you take special requests, for example if someone has food allergies?

A: Since we are a startup company and it's just the two of us we aren't able to accommodate such requests at this time.

Q: Do you see Nylon Cooks expanding to become a catering service one day?
A: We have aspirations to expand Nylon Cooks to other areas of the city and we hope that our customers will see the value in ordering Nylon Cooks in larger quantities for holiday dinners or for their dinner parties.

Q: Why should people choose Nylon Cooks over say the prepared food from Forager's, ready-to-cook meals from Fresh Direct or Busy Chefs in Brooklyn Heights?
A: Our food is not about reheating. They are not prepared meals. They are pre-prepared. We've done extensive testing on our recipes and figured out to what point each dish should be cooked in order to make sure that when it comes out of your oven that it tastes as if we've just prepared it for you in your own kitchen. And the best part is no pots or pans to clean up!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Our entrees range from $12-$15 and our sides $6.50-$7.50. Our kids entrees are $7.50-$8.00. A pint of soup is $5.50 and a quart of soup is $10.00.

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