Friday, October 26, 2007

Knitting Rocks

Learning to knit has been a line item on my to-do list for many years. I still have knitting supplies and failed projects that I purchased in Boston when I lived there more than three years ago. I learned to knit from my grandma when I was very young, but the intricacies of casting on and off have left my memory banks and I would love to move beyond the basic stitch.

I finally decided it was time to learn how to knit properly so that I could actually finish a project and cross that item off my list. So yesterday I took a "Knitting 101" class at a fantastic place called Knit New York on 14th street right off Second Avenue.

The class is small (4 people, 2 teachers) so you get 1:1 instruction and the fee includes everything you need -- supplies and instruction -- to knit a hat. It's the kind of place you want to hang out at after work and on lazy rainy days (well at least I do!). Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and nice -- all-in-all a great vibe.

They have an expresso bar and a nice selection of beverages and penny candy for sale, with several seating areas. The walls are lined with yarn in all colors and textures, while impressive finished projects sit folded on shelves and hanging on racks -- all very inspirational.

I would love a place like this in DUMBO (and I think it would do really well), but I found that there are some great places in Brooklyn that offer knitting supplies, some with classes. But I would highly recommend Knit New York as it's a casual environment so there's no pressure!

Here's a link to a Web site that offers a round-up of NYC Knitting shops and resources.

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