Saturday, October 20, 2007

Triple Celebrity Sighting at Balthazar in SOHO

We were with my parents today having lunch at Balthazar today in SOHO and experienced a triple celebrity sighting. I never see celebrities so I was pretty excited.

Bill Gates and Bono were eating lunch together with another woman (likely Melinda, although I don't know the face). Recently Gates has been out talking about his latest effort: to end malaria. So it makes sense to see him talking to Bono, who is also known for lending his celebrity status for philanthropic efforts in Africa. Bill was very casual (disheveled hair, sweater), almost undetectable without Bono at his side.

Sitting next to me was Sara Moulton, editor of Gourmet Magazine and former host of Sara's Secrets on Food Network. She said she's left the Food Network and going to PBS. Her new show starts in the spring. She was eating lunch with her daughter.

I'm huge U2 fan and work in technology, so the Bono/Gates combo was very exciting, but I think meeting Sara was cooler. I love her show and am glad to hear the the opportunity to teach people new things about cooking -- which is the essence of her show -- is the most important thing to her. She was very down to earth.

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