Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please Don't Judge Me: I Watch Gossip Girl

Creating Gossip Girl was the least the CW could do after taking away my beloved Veronica Mars. Luckily, Kristen Bell has gone on to narrate Gossip Girl and take on the role of Elle, a new character on Heroes with an electric personality. Surprisingly the show's ratings have taken a dip when it just started to get good?!

Anyway, I had to share an excerpt from, which does a hilarious (and spot-on) write-up of Gossip Girl every Thursday offering points (+/-) based on the believability of each episode. Thought this portion was especially relevant regarding the ongoing discussion in the blogosphere about how Gossip Girls continues to use Brooklyn as its backdrop for what is supposed to be the lush, exclusive UES:
When Dan blows off Vanessa, she says he can make up for it by buying her "pierogies at Veselka." True, pierogies will right most wrongs, but they live in Williamsburg, so why deal with a weekend L when they can just go to Kasia's? Yet Vanessa somehow mysteriously manages to make it all the way into the East Village and then to Billyburg to get to Dan's house (which we all know is in Dumbo) before he gets home. Don't tell us bitch took a cab. She wears scarves in warm weather! She is not a girl who ponies up for the yellow chariot. Minus 2

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