Monday, October 08, 2007

Gossip Girl Filming Tonight in DUMBO

CW's Gossip Girl will be be filming down by Starbucks and West Elm on Front Street in DUMBO at about 8 pm tonight. As other bloggers have pointed out, Gossip Girl seems to do most of its filming in Brooklyn.

Other bloggers agree it's ironic the show is using Brooklyn as its backdrop to give viewers and eye into the elite lifestyle of the upper east side, whereas Brooklyn is portrayed as a lower class suburb on the show. For example, the blossoming freshman "Jenny" and her brother "Dan" (the blond, Serena's, love interest) are supposed to live in a poorer Brooklyn hood, but they live in a schnazzy loft that appears to be in DUMBO.


Lesterhead said...

This show has quickly become one of my favorite new guilty pleasures. But that doesn't stop me from being annoyed at the misleading establishing shots.

Gossip Girl said...

Gossip Girl is a great fun show to watch, and drool over the girl's clothing. You shouldn't look at it as if it was a documentary. Like most shows, GG as well has to do all kinds of manipulations in order to keep the audience pleased.