Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Failed Trip to the Floating Pool

Today the weather was absolutely perfect and we decided to head down to the floating pool near One Brooklyn Bridge Park. I was all ready to go with my towel and bathing suit but then the reality quickly set in that I wasn't the only person in Brooklyn with that idea.

I got to the pool and when I saw how long the line was to get a bracelet, we left. There was no way even if we got into line that we would make the next swim time of 5:00 pm and it was only 3:10 at that point.

I love that it's free and has become an accessible getaway on hot days like today for the many children in the city. It's such a great idea and I would totally pay to go if there was another less crowded location.

Anyone been to the BK floating pool and gone swimming? It looks like so much fun, although I will have to plan better next time!


Larry said...

I can leave work at 1pm sometimes on friday and that is the time to go. The last weekday session is 5-645pm, the longest one. Got there about 430pm and no problem. Maybe 80 people at that session total.

Anonymous said...

For more than twenty years I have gone to the pool in Red Hook; clean, safe, and enormous. You can get there by bus or car or bike.....all you need is a lock and a bathing suit to get in. And there is rarely a line.