Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mmmm is for Mercadito, and Mexican

Sorry folks, this gem is in Alphabet City, but the reason we went tonight is because I am still on strike about Alma changing its menu.

I actually called and asked if they had the shrimp tacos on their menu and they said no, just the coconut shrimp, which is fried and gross, IMO. You can get that stuff frozen at Trader Joe's, but the shrimp tacos are delicious. I told the guy on the phone that he should get them put back on and that I wasn't coming back until they were back on the menu. I don't know how much that will actually do, but it was worth a shot.

Anyway, Mercadito ("little market") is a very small Mexican restaurant on Avenue B and 11th. It's a great place to go and share a bunch of dishes - if you do that sort of thing. We don't really like to share but we did tonight. They have amazing guacamole, but with twists like mango and chile, or other great combinations. Their house margarita has pineapple juice, lime and just enough chile to give it the right kick in the back of your throat. Amazing!

For dinner, they have like 10+ kinds of tacos, which come as four bite-sized tacos to an order. We had the baja ones, which are classic fish tacos - delicious. They had a comment card with the bill so I put a suggestion to open in Brooklyn, DUMBO preferably.

They do specials on Monday-Thursday from 4-7 pm with a $5 menu (margaritas, quesadillas, flautas, mexican wings) and then they have all you can eat tacos for $20 on Friday and Saturday night after 10 pm.

This place kicks Alma's butt, but I would say the best Mexican is still El Parador on 34th Street between First and Second.

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