Friday, August 10, 2007

My Real Life "Office" Booze Cruise

On the worst, hottest day ever (this past Wednesday) our office had planned our summer outing. We were set to hop on a boat at 3:00 pm that was docked and head into the lovely East River for a scenic tour with open bar. Last time I checked, heat+boats+booze = disaster.

A handful of people were so sea sick that they ended up sleeping most of the way. Our finance team forced everyone to play flip cup on our boat that was traveling at about 2 miles an hour. Boats were flying by us left and right and kicking up the wake so we would wobble back and forth to the point where you felt like you would fall off. After the booze cruise, they had a bus to take us all to an open bar downtown, but luckily a few of us escaped and headed home.

The only upside to the three hour tour a la The Office booze cruise was the fact we went by DUMBO and I showed everyone my fantastic little hood and then we wrapped around Governor's Island and went by Lady Liberty up close and personal.

Here are some pics.

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