Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Smoke Joint Opens Sister Cafe in Ft. Greene

Fort Greene’s The Smoke Joint opens a sister cafe, serving up all things yummy like cheesy grits, artisanal hams and handmade sweets.

64 Lafayette Ave., at S. Elliott Pl., Fort Greene (718-797-1011)

(source: dailycandy)


Anonymous said...

i went there last sunday. I had the pulled pork sandwhich and mac and cheese.

the food seemed pretty good going down, but 2 points worth making about the experience:

1) there's no air conditioning in the restaurant (at least there wasn't last sunday) and being in a room with an oven cranking while eating hot meat in mid August is even less fun than it sounds.

2) I threw up into my toilet when i got home about thirty minutes later.

Anonymous said...

There's more info on little piggy here:

Anonymous said...

Just to moderate what the first commenter said, I went on Tuesday night, and they were open. We got some dinner and it was great! Great meatloaf, shrimp, smashed potatoes. Really nice seasonal salads too. My tummy was happy for the rest of the night.