Thursday, August 09, 2007

F the F!

It took more than a hour and a half to get home today after work -- and I only work in Union Sq. After work, we went to Whole Foods to pick up dinner and hopped on the 6 train to switch to the F. It was like 5 billion degrees in the subway and it took forever. Finally we got on the 6 and the air conditioning was temporary relief. While it's never really a smooth transfer from the 6 to the F, warning signals went off as soon as we got down the stairs.

First of all, it was packed, which meant people had been waiting for some time. After about 10 minutes, an F finally comes but it is filled to the brim with people all smushed inside. Then a bunch of people tried to shove themselves on and of course someone was keeping the train from closing so the doors kept opening and closing (4 times!). Needless to say, we didn't make it on that train. So another V comes. And then another V. And then an F and that one is packed too. So we wait for another and nothing comes.

Finally we took the B (which was cool because I had never taken the subway across the Manhattan Bridge) and then we we walked back to DUMBO. Anyway, longest commute ever!!! I don't understand why they can't run extra trains, for example let some of the Vs run on the F line during rush hour. It's so frustrating when you're waiting for the F and these empty V trains go by you with 3 people inside lounging and smiling while you're sweating your @#$ off on the platform.

Here's a rather cool picture of the F train wizzing by taken by brothergrimm on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

On Thursday night (the day after the rain-fiasco) I stopped off at the Bowery Whole foods on my way home from work to pick up dinner. As I do once or twice a week, I then take the F to Jay St/Borough Hall and walk home to Brooklyn Heights. First came an F that was packed to the brim, no one got off and maybe 3 people managed to squeeze on. The came 2 V's which doesn't help. Then came an F which didn't even stop at the station it was so packed. Then came another F which was also packed, but they said over the loud speaker that another F was right behind and to wait. So I did, and it was pretty empty, and got home (4 stops!) in a solid hour, my fish and milk were warm since the station was so freaking hot. Ridiculous.