Thursday, August 09, 2007

F Train Back in Business, For the Most Part

Yesterday was a complete mess for anyone that has to ride the subway to get to work. Living in DUMBO, we have a variety of options but in yesterday's situation, three out of three options (F, A/C/E, 2/3) were all out of service. We were going to walk across the bridge to take the 4/5/6 but found out that it was also out of service. People were fighting over taxis and we even were going to take a town car into the city, but no cars were available because people couldn't get to work from the outer boroughs.

But the reality is that this isn't the last time it will rain heavily. From a FOX News article:

MTA Executive Director Elliot G. Sander said the intensity of the rain was simply overwhelming. The subway's drainage system can generally handle a maximum of 1.5 inches of rainfall per hour; on an average day, hundreds of MTA pumps remove 13 million gallons of water from the system, which includes several tunnels and stations below sea level.

That's pretty incredible...also considering a tornado touched down in Brooklyn and Staten Island. In terms of a solution that will work, only time will tell. But NY
Governor Eliot Spitzer ...
... ordered a 30-day review of the New York City subway system after flooding from a rain storm shut down almost every line during yesterday's morning rush hour ...

Yesterday's subway suspensions and delays marked the third system-wide disruptions in seven months, said Spitzer. They came 18 months after the MTA's Inspector General released a report criticizing the agency's handling of flooding that paralyzed the system in September 2004 and made recommendations on how to prevent future failures.

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