Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rice Crispy Treats @ Rice in DUMBO

If you haven't tried these yet, you have to. I am a huge fan of Rice in DUMBO, especially the apricot and cranberry rice crispy treats. They always taste fresh, not like the hard squares at Starbucks.

If you go to pick up your order, the usually have a nice pile on the counter for people to have a taste. The best part: no one gives you dirty looks when you take three pieces! You can also order them with delivery orders and they come in a cute little canister with three treats. Yum!

Also, if you haven't tried Rice yet, I especially like their Chicken Kabob, Edamame Hummus with pita bread, Pad Thai and the absolute best is the vegetarian meatballs with spicy sauce (on the side), which I realize may not appeal to everyone. They also have really nice Thai Coconut Curry as well and I suggest getting it with the Thai black rice (so delicious!).

You all must think I eat all day 24/7 (which is partly true).

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