Monday, September 03, 2007

Waiting on Whole Foods Brooklyn

I was just thinking about the Brooklyn Whole Foods today as I had gone into the Bowery Store today for the first time. The place is massive, but it wasn't even 1/100th as busy as the Union Square location usually is. Maybe that's because of the holiday?

So I set out to see if the Web site had an update, but it just says TBA. Looks like there have been reports about delays on the store, according to A Brooklyn Life back in '06. Probably best just to do a drive by to see what it looks like now, which is usually a good indication of how close it is to being completed.

From around the blogosphere, there seem so be some more recent issues about the new location:
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Do you want lies with that? Whole Food’s answers ain’t kosher ... Brooklyn Paper


Anonymous said...

Whole Foods doesn't even have a building permit to build on the site yet. They haven't even completed their DEC wetlands application which will have a 30 day public comment period when Whole Foods completes that application.
If they weren't trying to build a big cellar in this contiminated wetlands all to avoid getting a special zoning permit for an above ground store, maybe they would be under construction by now.

no offense to anyone =) said...

i dont understand why people hate on Whole Foods so much..its not like they've done anything wrong to anyone...their not out there trying to Make people use and eat organic and all natural products.. all there doing is offering it...the decision is up to you...if whole foods was doing something bad in this world then they wouldnt be able to keep expanding!!....coming from a person who has been eating and using organic/all natural products and using herbal remedies for 5 years Andddd working for whole foods AFTER i chose to do so...people should stop being so harsh...its just a store and its not out there to hurt anyone...if you DONT believe in produce/dairy/meat/body products/anything grocery related being grown and or made with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and hormones or gmo's etc etc...then you should shop at whole foods...otherwise if you dont mind.. and dont believe anything of what you might here about the previously stated then go to other i said whole foods isnt MAKE-ing you shop at there store..stay positive and have a fantastic day...laterrr ;)