Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Best Burger in NYC

Gridskipper posts a round-up of the best burgers in the city, including a lovely map to help negotiate your way to the meaty goodness. While many of the top picks are located in Manhattan, the article highlights some burger hot spots in Brooklyn too.

In order: Blue 9 Burger, Shake Shack, Peter Luger, Better Burger, Chez Oskar, Dumont, Corner Bistro, Burger Joint, Good Burger and Royale.

I can't say that I have had burgers at all of these places, in fact only three, but notably missing is J.G. Melon -- my pick for top burger in NYC. It's cash only and no one cuts the line, but it's worth it. I mean what can be better than a burger cooked next to (or right in) the bacon? I pride myself on being a health enthusiast, but when you're having a burger you might as well get it done right!

Corner Bistro ain't bad either, but the crowd well, let's say "interesting" ...

What are your favorite picks?

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Hide said...

I've been to 5. My favorite is Dumont Burger, which is the sister location to dumont. It's more casual and it has a good beer selection. My other favorite is Clinton St Baking Co, which is odd, since they
have the best brunch and you wouldn't expect them to have such a great