Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beacon Retail Space

A team of people have been working on the retail space for lease in the Beacon Tower on the intersection of Adams and York Street.

I have been so curious what is going in there, so this morning on the way to the subway I asked one of the contractors and he said they are in final negotiations but that the space will either be turned into a day care center or a hair salon. He proudly told me he would be doing the interior once a decision had been made.

Anyone hear different? I wonder what Beacon residents would think of having a daycare center in their building.


Hide said...

I've heard that a day care center is coming there, but it's not confirmed. There is a need for one in Dumbo, so it would do well.

Anonymous said...

Has this come from a reliable source? I definitely agree that DUMBO needs one, but I have been asking around (even talking to the broker listed on that property) and they have not confirmed that.

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

I heard from the contractor working on the building, but hide may have heard from another source.