Monday, September 17, 2007

DUMBO on Food Network

In one of her most recent getaways, Giada DiLaurentiis takes her "Weekend Getaway" show to New York City where she spends her first night in DUMBO. She hits the usual spots: Jacques Torres, River Cafe and Grimaldi's pizza.

Giada lets viewers in on little secrets, for example that you can taste test the chocolates at Jacques Torres before buying (she grabs a love bug, my favorite), something I was totally unaware of and plan to try out this week. She also has a cocktail and appetizer on the terrace at River Cafe, a great way to experience the menu and beautiful view -- all without the price and complicated procedure to book a reservation (involves faxing your credit card).

She smoothly sails into Grimaldi's for a pizza, offering narrative on the benefit of their coal ovens and "no slice" policy. It's unclear if she had to wait in line.

It's nice to see DUMBO tourist spots featured on shows like Giada's but the only unrealistic piece was when she hailed a taxi, announced her destination of "66 Water Street" and he then happily drove her to DUMBO. Tourists should know that NYC cab drivers won't be smiling when you say your destination is Brooklyn and that you should be prepared to have turn-by-turn directions as they often don't know the street names.

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Anonymous said...

Grimaldi's is in Fulton Ferry not DUMBO