Monday, September 03, 2007

Pinkberry, Part Deux

After my first Pinkberry experience, I didn't think I'd be back. I thought it was really sour ... way too sour. But since that initial taste test, I have found the right topping combination (regular + rice cakes (these are fantastic) + chocolate chips + blueberries). There needs to be enough of a sweet blend or the sour of the yogurt is overpowering. Plus, I love mochi ice cream and the rice cakes taste like the outside of the mochi pod.

I took my husband today for the first time (Spring St. location). It was much less crowded than the Upper East Side location, but still hot inside -- likely due to the door opening and closing every two seconds. I think I would go crazy working there. I hope they pay those people well.

He liked it too (regular + fruity pebbles + banana + rice cakes), which totally suprised me because he hates fake versions of real things (frozen yogurt vs. ice cream). But today he also ate half my veggie burger so I must be rubbing off a bit in the right way.

According to their Web site, there are only 25 calories in 1 oz (no fat, only 5 grams of sugar). That's really good considering a big one plus toppings probably nets out to less than 200 calories assuming you likely won't be able to finish it since it's ginormous.

Wonder when Pinkberry will come to Brooklyn?

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