Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Off Topic: Popularity Dialer

I saw this in my DailyCandy e-newsletter today and had to do a post! It's a free online service called Popularity Dialer. Basically you can use the service to make yourself look popular, get out of a bad situation or avoid having to talk to someone.

We had a very annoying coworker who would go on about personal stories at length to the point where we had to fake phone calls to get some quiet time. This would have come in handy!

You can even choose what kind of call you'd like to receive:
  • popularity call
  • female popularity call
  • affirmation call
  • return to the office call
  • cousin in need call
  • new! band practice call
  • new! male english lover call

1 comment:

Kayla said...

I already use Youmail's free "ditchmail" voicemail service to get rid of bad dates that won't stop calling, just last night I used popularity dailer to end a bad date before it ruined my night! I absolutely love this service!