Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Lovely Day in Central Park

Yesterday we went to Central Park with our friends. Living in Brooklyn (and even Manhattan) it's easy to sometimes forget about the lovely parks available to you. We headed to Sheep Meadow in the 60s on the West Side for a little sunning and Frisbee. It was a gorgeous day, although the sun was very strong.

When we arrived at Noon, the park was relatively empty. By the time we left around 3, the place was packed. It was great to see everyone out and having a great time enjoying the day. Everyone once and a while you forget where you are and then look up to see the skyscrapers and it brings you back to reality. There was also a weird guy in a cape and mask organizing a 1 pm water fight. Not sure if it was supposed to be some sort of flash mob to garner media attention for supersoakers, but everyone who participated seemed to be having a blast.

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