Wednesday, July 18, 2007

25 top-earning towns - CNNMoney

My hometown of Greenwich, CT must be seriously slacking not to have made CNN/Money's Top 25 towns based on wealth.

We moved to Greenwich, CT when I was 12-ish so I could get a great education for free, (go Cardinals - think that was our mascot), rather than continue to have our family savings drained by Spence, even if it was worth every penny). Editor's note: I don't fit into the sterotypical "snooty" Greenwich persona and neither do my friends.

Never fear, many Greenwich's wealthy suburb neighbors did make the list, including Darien (media home price of $1.4 M!!!), New Canaan and Wilton, in addition to the towns of Chappaqua and Scarsdale and Briarcliff in Westchester.

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