Monday, July 23, 2007

F Train Voted Dirtiest

Gothamist offers a recap of the annual state of the subways report from the Straphangers association.

Why am I so not surprised to learn that the F was voted the dirtiest? Everyday I marvel at the strange subway river of dirty water that is constantly flowing through the middle of the subway tracks at the York St stop. The best was once I was on the subway and out of the corner of my eye I saw a cockroach walking downward toward this lady's head. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her away. I am sure there are many more that aren't visible... eeeeek.

Can they also vote on worst exit? I think it would have to be the F at 63rd street and Lex, or the York St stop, based on the combo of uphill walking and stairs. I guess it's good exercise, right!

And while the M & W ranked worst on frequency of service, and the 5 ranked worst for regularity of service, I was surprised that the F did not receive an honorable mention for worst weekend service? I cannot count how many times my friends have had to take cabs to Brooklyn because the F wasn't running on a weekend.

What do you think?


ryan NOT charles said...

i agree - the 63 and Lex on the F is the most depressing and physically challenging stop i've been in so far

Hefner Shouldwait said...

The York street station is like 30 feet below sealevel, so of course it would have its problems. We should be greatful at all to have a wonderful historical station nearby, especially the way Jehovah's generally behave on buses otherwise. Thats how I feel about it, for what its worth.