Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vets That Really Care in Brooklyn

I'm writing this because I know how hard it can be to find a trustworthy vet. After recently losing our precious kitty to bladder stones, we've been extremely sentitive to our second cat's health and diet, and set out to find a new vet in Brooklyn.

Last week, we took him to Atlantic Animal Care (AAC) on the recommendation of a close friend to discuss how we could prevent him from the same fate. They were the most professional and caring vetrinary group.

After taking our cat there for his annual check-up, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the office and personal attention from the staff. Unfortunately, one day after the check-up we started to notice that he was showing signs of a bladder infection (sorry if this is TMI) and took him to the emergency vetrinary clinic near Smith Street, called Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group (VERG). They were recommended by AAC and were amazing as well. Everyone from the woman at the front desk admitting animals to the emergency care vets (Dr. Humphreys & Dr. Anderson) doing the examinations, everyone was attentive and helpful.

Both the AAC and VERG followed-up with me to make sure our cat was feeling better. VERG sent a prescription to AAC and I was able to order new food from their online service. It was so easy and everything got delivered in just a few days. VERG even let us bring him in one night for a 5 minute visit to check his bladder and make sure his meds were working correctly.

I highly recommend either place for you to bring your cat or dog!

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