Monday, June 18, 2007

Top 10 Burgers in New York

Time Out has published its Top Ten List for burgers in New York City.

Brooklyn's Blue Ribbon nabbed the No. 9 slot.
9 Blue Ribbon/Blue Ribbon Brooklyn
The name of the restaurant (in Soho and Park Slope) isn't the only reason this deluxe model is a Blue Ribbon burger. The densely packed beef patty, served on a toasted bun with a plateful of crisp fries and the requisite lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle, recalls the flame-licked meat that comes off backyard Webers in the summer. What the superlean, eight-ounce beauty ($12.50) lacks in chin-wiping juiciness it makes up for with its nicely charred outside and smoky flavor.

My personal favorite burger is still J.G. Melon. The secret (well maybe not so secret) trick is they cook it right next to a big heap of bacon so it's basically cooking in bacon fat. As Emeril would say, BAM!

No. 6 is Rare in Murray Hill, which is also pretty good.

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