Saturday, June 16, 2007

Best Deal in Brooklyn! Lobster Roll @ Fairway

A tip from a close friend led us to lunch in Red Hook at Fairway. While I frequently shop there, I have never taken advantage of the outdoor eating area. The weather today couldn't have been more perfect so we decided to have lunch at Fairway.

We tried the Lobster Roll, as suggested by our friend, and were pleasantly surprised. We got two good sized portions with kettle chips, a pickle and salad on the side. Each portion was only $7.99. I can't say there are many places you can have a full lunch for two and spend less than $20. The Lobster Rolls were really good - lots of meat and no fillers, except a little celery mixed in and greens on the roll, which was nicely toasted on the grill as it should. My only complaint was that they went a little overboard with the salad dressing on the side salad, but now I know to ask for just a drop.

We got a nice table outside on the water and it certainly didn't feel like we were in the city. More like the beach somewhere far from NYC. But to our rightwas the Statue of Liberty. It doesn't get more perfect.


hide said...

FYI, thought you'd like this:

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

Ah fantastic site, thanks! I couldn't get to the exact link you send but there was a recent feature on Lobster Rolls,

I am also looking forward to debating the article below it titled best sushi on east coast. I used to live in Boston and know Ginza very well!