Friday, June 22, 2007

Splasher Attempts to Make a Stink in DUMBO

I have been totally intrigued by reports of the infamous Splasher who is destroying graffiti art around the city. When I got home last night around 8, there was a large group of people outside for the Shepard Fairey art exhibit and apparently there were some interesting happenings.

dumbonyc found a report of the scene from woostercollective:

Two young guys entered Shepard Fairey’s opening night party at 81 Front Street in Dumbo with a backpack. Moments later they were seen attempting to light a homemade stink and smoke bomb that was hidden in a coffee can. As they were setting it off, two guys nearby saw what was happening and managed to stop the guys from igniting it before it went off. Seeing the scuffle, the security guys hired for the evening caught one of the two guys (shown above) while the other was able to get away.

I first read about the Splasher in New York Magazine and in a more recent interview with Fairey about his DUMBO art exhibit, he says:
He’s splashed almost every one of my pieces, but sometimes it takes him four months to get to them. Some people are all, ‘What statement are they making?’ Any arguments in favor of this kind of thing are incredibly flimsy, but at least it gets people talking and any dialogue about street art is always good to have.

I really appreciate street art and graffiti, even neckface's weird expressions. I hope this guy gets caught.

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Anonymous said...

How can you not view this splasher's work as street art?