Thursday, April 19, 2007

David Walentas Stirring Up Trouble

I can't attend the Landmark hearing today, but I do hope it goes through.

Rumors of a plan by David Walentas of Two Trees to build on Front Street is causing heartburn for some of the 70 Washington Residents, including myself. According to, "his first attempt to build a tall building on this site in 2004 failed due to opposition from community residents."

What's strange is that he would be cannibalizing his own customers who live at 70 Washington. The proposed building would truncate our views of the bridge and significantly impact the value of the property. I guess he doesn't care now that we've all paid for the condos and the loss would be our issue to deal with. I certainly hope this isn't the case.

It would be the old Novo Clutch building, which commenters on say recently saw the "illegal removal of dangerous asbestos as well on the roof to prep for the 'cheaper' demolition of the Nova Clutch building. Without informing the public, the airborne microscopic asbestos particles due to this inappropriate removal have unnecessarily exposed the local residents unknowingly."


Anonymous said...

You newbies to the 'hood are going to see exactly who Walentas really is. Harming buyers from his existing buildings did not stop him from proposing the 17 story building for 38 Water in 2004, which affects views from Sweeney as well as you in 70 Wash. Take it from someone who testified against his plan at City Planning, City Council and Borough Hall, and got to see him up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

he is a hand full even at 70 his only concern is greed ,why do you think koch and dinkins , fooliani said no to his plans