Tuesday, April 24, 2007

57 Front Street, DUMBO

I have always been really curious about this property, 57 Front Street, especially now that its on the same block as the now infamous novo clutch building (which dumbonyc did a nice historical overview of btw). I can sort of see into the apts from my apt at 70 Washington and the units look really spacious, lofty and new.

I was poking around on the Corcoran Web site and came across a listing. From the photos posted (see photos at left), looks like all my assumptions were correct -- the units are very clean, open and nicely finished. There is a new gym (according to the pics) and the unit has river views as well, something I couldn't tell from over here. The only drawback seems to be the communal laundry room.


Hide said...

The problem with 57 Front is that they don't have a tax abatement. That listing has a $763 maintenance and a $517/mo taxes. Good thing with 70 Wash is that it has a J-51 abatement.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than buying in a Walentas building is buying in a Boymelgreen building, although it is hard to say sometimes who is worse.

Anonymous said...

There was a delay in obtaining the abatement was because some units had been reclassified due to a lot line dispute between Walentas and Boymelgreen. The dispute has been resolved ( Walentas has granted an easement in exchange for Nova Clutch ). So, 57 Front should finally be getting its J-51 abatement filed by this fall. The 57 Front condo board is also reviewing a plan for individual units to add washer/dryers as well. The nice thing about 57 Front is it is a pretty small condo (33 units) so common areas are never crowded and the board / management has, so far, been very responsive. I live in the building and like it a lot.