Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hecho en DUMBO

I feel really silly having lived in the neighborhood for almost 2 years and having never eaten dinner at Hecho en DUMBO. I have had breakfast and lunch there several times but never made it in past 5 pm. Wow, have I been missing out!

We love Mexican food, but since I am pregnant with twins, I've been advised not to walk up the stairs -- which totally rules out Alma. Honestly, I don't think Alma is the best Mexican ever, but it does the trick when you crave it and the view is gorgeous.

We tried ordering from Pedro's the other week. The food looked good but arrived ice cold and my vegetable burrito was just a tortilla filled with rice & beans. A bit strange to me.

My husband and I went in last night for dinner after picking up a menu last Sunday during brunch. The music was lively and it was nicely crowded. The food was excellent and very affordable. We started with some guacamole and chips, which were freshly made and delicious (not oily). I had the Burritas De Res (wine braised local steak stewed in lime with caramelized onions). There were three to the order and they resembled mini burritos (no rice), about the size of a sushi hand roll. They were delicious and came with two different kinds of fresh salsa (a spicy red tomato and a less spicy green tomatillo salsa). My plate was only $8 and I was very full and content with the portion.

My husband had the sampler, which was still under $20 but more than enough food for two people. It offered a little bit of everything from the menu. I'd definitely recommend trying this if you go with a friend and want to share. One thing to note, it's cash only.

We'll definitely be back very soon!


loose stool said...

I'm sorry but anyone who would eat food from Pedro's has no business reviewing places like Alma or Hecho en Dumbo. That would be like a dog food taster reviewing La Cirque.

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

Thanks for your completely obnoxious comment. If you actually read my post you'd see that I don't frequent Pedro's. Stick to Frank Bruni if you don't like what I have to say. If you're such a food critic, which I do not profess to be, get your own blog and go review whatever you like.

cecilia said...

I love your snarky response, so right on. I found my husband's company a corporate apartment in DUMBO last year and spent lots of time there for a sniveling suburban scaredy cat. I love it. And I am total agreement with you on Hecho en Dumbo.
Long story short, my husband lost his job in NYC so I don't get to visit anymore....and I really miss living the urban life vicariously.
Good luck with the twins ( I can relate having given birth 6 times!)