Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brooklyn Restaurant Week

Brooklyn Restaurant Week is scheduled for March 24-31. For more information, visit here and here.

Dine-In Brooklyn, the biggest borough's restaurant week, will offer three-course prix-fixe menus for $23 at more than 175 food spots from March 24 through 31.

Applewood, Rose Water, Blue Ribbon, Alchemy, Stone Park, Tempo, Vesuvio, L & B Gardens, Queen, Tatiana, Alma, Crave, River Café, Chez Oskar, ici, and Junior's are among the restaurants taking part -- some for lunch, some for dinner, some for both. (And some may also opt out of the weekend.)

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dan shapiro said...

Try Visions

Alerted to a Friends and Family night at Visions, 752 Coney Island Avenue on Friday night and were pleasantly surprised. I remember 752 a dark and dirty bar you tried not to remember, because you went into it inorder to forget. But today’s Visions is a bright and sometimes loud café that’s is full of laughter and good times. The décor while unimpressive is nevertheless pleasant and even inviting.
The owner, Marack, is attentive and eager to please. And the service although not professional was very good. For example, someone dropped a fork and without being told our waiter was there promptly with fork in hand. We started with a Romaine salad, fresh, large and nicely topped with grated Parmesan cheese. For an appetizer we had the Mozzarella in Corozza, a grilled white bread sandwich of Mozzarella, topped with a cream of tomato sauce, o.k., but a zestier sauce might have helped. A rather plebian, but fresh lightly breaded fillet of sole was made a little special by a sweet glaze and a nice mesclun avocado salad. The star of the night was the fettuccini scampi with a wonderful strong but not overpowering sauce of garlic, wild mushrooms and olive oil, worth the trip. A nice Crème Brule finished the dinner nicely. Cost $ 60 with a beer and tip (there was an approximately $ 10 discount). The only downer, Marack needs a better selection of beers, there is no draft beer and Brooklyn Beer does not do it for me.
The menu at Visions is limited, one chicken, one pork dish, one steak, and a few fish dishes along with the usual wraps and burgers. As they say---The cook doesn’t do much, but what he does do, he does very well. Come hungry as the portions are large and expect to meet friends.
As we walked home, across Cortelyou we noticed is that we now had was a real choice of restaurants and places to go--- Indeed a good Vision of Cortelyou.