Monday, March 17, 2008

Chipshop Fries Up Well

My husband and I went to Chipshop a few weeks back and I've been meaning to do a post. We'd passed the restaurant several times (our vet is right nearby too) and finally got around to going.

If you haven't been, it's a small bar/restaurant that is smartly decorated with British paraphernalia -- from food items to rock band posters. They have a nice selection of traditional British fare (kidney pie, bangers and mash) as well as fried delights like their famous Fish N' Chips. For dessert (didn't have room), you can get deep fried candy bars (Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty). At first I used to think these were the grossest things, but when done right, they are a real treat (a once a year thing of course).

My husband ordered the Fish N' Chips and I got the chicken fingers. I know, kind of a wuss out, but I'm pregnant and couldn't remember which fish I was allowed to eat and which one I'm to stay away from (you can choose from Cod or Haddock).

Let me tell you, these were the best chicken fingers I have ever had (I am a bit of a connoisseur). The batter was amazing... not greasy at all! My husband felt the same about his dish.

He ended up going back last night with a friend for a few beers and dinner, and reported back to me that we have to go back and try the Mac N' Cheese. He said it was amazing.

So if you haven't already, go try Chipshop, either at its Atlantic St location or in Park Slope on 5th Avenue. They have a kids menu too, so bring the troops.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I went to the Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave during Restaurant Week. We had the fish and chips. I believe it was the cod and it was very good. They know how to fry food well and it was not greasy. The other dish was the Shepherd's Pie which I wouldn't mind getting again on a cold winter day. For desert, we had a fried Twinkie and it also was a pleasant surprise. We didn't enjoy the 4 berry stew as much as the twinkie.